And the gigging goes on. There is now a date for Battitude 2019. 14th December. Line-up TBA soon

After the enormous success of the first Smokin' Donuts tour we have booked ourselves an even longer one in May. Click on the pic to your right or click on Tour for more details.

Happy New Year. This year as well as gigs with Ferocious Dog, Keith TOTPs and my solo stuff, I will also be playing with my mate Doozer McDooze as Smokin' Donuts. We will be touring in February. I'm starting to put the dates up this morning

Had an awesome gig at Shiine On Birmingham. Next up, solo in Shrewsbury with Paul Henshaw

Next up for Abdou is Gracetonbury 19th May. Then the following day I play a solo gig at The Maze in Nottingham

Come and see me play solo along with Doozer McDooze this Sat, Sun and Monday. Check tour dates for info

Tickets on sale now for our 20th Anniversary Show. November 9th at 100 Club London. Get tickets here . They are selling fast

Booking solo gigs to fill in around Ferocious Dog gigs

Thanks to Julia for fixing the Family Tree page, version 70 now up.

I have been very naughty and not updated this. I will try and do better

In other news, hopefully there will be a new line-up to be added to the family tree soon, Quite excited about it

The tour listing is working again. Yippee. Thanks Julia Z.

Just added Family Tree versions 67 and 68.

Happy New 2015. Lots of gigs already booked for this year.

Bit of a gap in the Abdou onslaught as I am concentrating on that Carter band for a bit. Back in action on Dec 6th DOGFEST

This weekend we are off to Something Else In The Dean. Sold out ages ago, this is our last festival of the season. Abdou play on Sunday. But before that, in the afternoon, we are the backing band for Ned The Kids Dylan

Just back from a glorious weekend in Worcester and Watchet Live in somerset. Everyone was fantastic and Abdou rocked (natch)

Well Cosmic Puffin and Something Else Somewhere Else were just splendid. Made loads of new friends and played some rocking' sets. Also lost my phone :)

New Album Seaside Arcade Bingo Patrol is finally here, accompanied by a rather splendid t-shirt matching the design of the sleeve. Looking forward to our next gig at Cosmic Puffin on the Isle Of Mersea, the first of this years festival season. Full details in the tour section.

Crikey, just realised that in November Abdou will have been going for 16 years.

Look to the left to see how well our summer festival season is shaping up

Folkestone hometown gig Fri 31st Jan

Added to the bill of Thee Faction at the Buffalo Bar & I'm happy about that

Uncle Fruity EP now on Bandcamp

Next up, Gracetonbury, can't wait

Added the latest Abdou line-up (V57) to the Family Tree

Added Sydney 2013 line-up to the family tree

Australian tour going splendidly well, last date tonight in Brisbane, can't wait

Work on the new album continues apace with horn section and piano parts added yesterday in Dean St Studios

Just added Benjamin & Jumble to the lyrics section X

London Bull & Gate gig booked for April 18th (sad to see the place go, another great venue bites the dust)

Booking short Aussie tour, 2 Dates added more to come

First gig for 2013 added MK Watershed

Thanks to Googies and TV Smith for a great night in Folkestone

Almost the end of November. We have been a bit quiet again this year, but every gig we have done has been quality. We end this year with a flurry of great gigs.

Cosmic Puffin was awesome again, hope we get asked to play again next year.

Next up, Abdou supporting The Fades at Camden Monarch, excellent of course it will be.

Thanks aplenty to the Nowweare festival in West Brom, it was a great festie.

Today is our Googies gig in Folkestone, looking forward to it.

As you can see on the left, we have started to fill the 2012 gig calendar. Should be a busy year for Abdou

Happy New Year to you all. Gonna start with the usual promise of an album this year. Maybe it'll actually happen this time. Should be booking more gigs pretty soon too. Feeling fired up for some abdou type action. fruity x

Thanks to everyone who came to the Folkestone Oxjam gig on Sat 8th Oct, it was a great one and we made a decent wedge for the cause.

Ah, yes some new gigs up :)

Thanks to everyone who came to watch us at Bearded Theory, it was a real blast and I think my fave abdou gig for quite some time.

Abdou play Bearded Theory Festival. Back on the festie circuit and ready to rock :)

Have shifted the Folkestone gig to March 19th, to adjust for Jonnys' impending fatherhood :)

Happy New year to you all, hope you had a great time over the festive holidays. Abdou are back in action for our first gig in 2011 at Pop Art's 5th Birthday at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London. Lots of good stuff expected this year, more later.

It's Battitude this Saturday, it's the last Abdou gig of the year. Doors are at 16:30 tix are £5 in adv and £6 on the door TIX Abdou onstage around 22:00

Battitude Line-Up And Times

Tonight's gig, Folk Off 2 at The Racehorse, Northants has been postponed until next year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Just added our first date for 2011. It's in Glasgow and on 21st May. Yes I know it says 25th May at the moment, but I'm waiting for Julia to fix some code for me :)

Just been told by the organisers that this Friday's Forest Gate gig has been cancelled. Apologies to those that were coming. Next London gig is Battitude at the Windy 11th Dec for my Birthday. X

Abdou are featured on a great new compliation CD called Electio Pop. Our song is called Politics Is Boring. Check it out on the Carter Shop www.carterusm.co.uk

Another cancellation I'm afraid Edinburgh has also been postponed until next year.

For reasons beyond control, the Bolton gig set for 17th September has been postponed. We will let you know as soon as we get a new date

Due to the Bolton gig being cancelled we have now been squeezed on the bill for the electiopop album launch. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=139565406076244&ref=mf

Very sorry to announce that this weekend's Pigstock gig isn't happening for Abdou. I was told the wrong date :(

Thanks to everyone who attended and play at Gracestonbury III, it was all a great success thanks to you. It was so nice to be amongst such a lovely bunch of people. Got so excited that I booked Battitude for 11th Dec :)

Added a download of the tracks from the Free CD from Air Odeon Disco Pub as a zip file. Here's a Link Tracks are 1. Here's Your Free CD 2. Innocent Like Vinocent (Full Band version) 3. Maria's Unbrella (Full Band Version) a 5.4mb d/l. Enjoy. fbx

Abdou are having a rest from gigging for a few weeks whilst Fruity writes some new songs. Expect to hear at least 3 newies on the next leg. Next gig Hartlepool July 23rd.

Cheers to everyone who managed to stay awake long enough to see Abdou at our post England match gig in Sheff.

Bolton Dog & Partridge has been moved to September. More gigs to follow.

Having a brilliant Uk tour, currently in the little red van heading for the Glastonbury Beer festival!

Have just heard the news that next weeks Blackburn gig has been cancelled due to the venue being closed down ;( Am trying to sort something else out in a similarly northern town.

German tour was ace as always. Big thanks to Walking Naked Mary who gave us wonderful support.

Our Australian tour for 2010 is begun. First gig tonight at The Railway in North Fremantle. It'll be a blast playing with the Zxspecky boys again. The Oz tour list is almost complete now, but we have still got a couple up our sleeves waiting for a confirm

As you can see to your left. Better late than never, we are starting to add dates for Abdou Oz 2010. More to come very soon.

That was a great gig in Ipswich, what a lovely crowd and what a great venue and promoters.

Happy New Year, from Les, Richy, Bom, Ben and the myriad members past and present of ABDOUJAPAROV. May all of our dreams come true in 2010!

Cheers to everyone who came along to see Abdou supporting Ned's Atomic Dustbin. We had a ball, Ned's were fantastic. I think that's us for 2009 now. See you in 2010.

As you can see from the panel to your left it's almost time for Battitude 2. Get your tickets now!

Carter gigs were ace and our impromtue appearance with Abdou at the Jamm aftershow was a bit special.

Next gig is Battitude 2, my birthday celebrations at the Windmill

Richy's foot is on the mend :)

Sorry to announce that we have had to cancel our October German tour due to my dodgy back and a fairly sick tour van.

The tour is currently being rescheduled for May 2010. Fruityx

Not too much action on the Abdou front at the moment as I'm wroking hard on preparing for the upcoming Carter gigs. But we have the UK and German dates coming up very soon too. Gonna be a fun last 1/4 for 2009 :)

Big weekend coming up, first Ramstock on Sat and then the Endorset Festival on Sunday.

The family tree section has been revamped with pop ups with loads more info on individual band members

We have just been added to the Sunday line-up for Endorset In Dorset, it'll be great to be back :)

Well, here we are half way through the year already! This year's dates have been great so far with a lot more to come throughout the rest of the year.

The album isn't progressing quite as quickly as I hoped but there is still stuff happening, so that's a good thing.

Thanks to everyone who made the pilgrimage to The Park in Bletchley, we had a great time.

Next Gig is on Sat August 1st at Kilburn Good Ship. It's an all-dayer with loads of great bands. Hope to see some of you there

Watch out for the German Tour in Oct/Nov.

Fruity x

Well, here we are half way through the year already! This year's dates have been great so far with a lot more to come throughout the rest of the year.

The album isn't progressing quite as quickly as I hoped but there is still stuff happening, so that's a good thing.

Next gig is Sat July 4th in Bletchley, that's gonna rock I'm sure :)

Watch out for the German Tour in Oct/Nov.

Fruity x

Can't believe it's may already. It has been a fun year so far, with a totaly brilliant Oz tour and as you can see to your left, the Abdou tour just goes on and on.

The album is coming along nicely we have four tracks almost finished now and we will be recording more very soon.

Hello Folks! Well, we are nicely into 2009 and as you can see Australia 2009 is already taking shape.

The new Abdou album is coming along nicely a we hope to be in the studio early Feb, to knock out a few of the new tracks.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, a must-have game is deffo Slotz Racer, not only is it a brilliant Scalextrix type slot game, but it also features an Abdou car and an opponent called Fruitbat! You can pick it up for a steal at the iTunes app store. Cool or what! fruity x


Wow, midway through December already

First of all I would like to thank everyone that wished me a happy birthday either via cards, email, facebook, myspace or even in person. I had a fantastic 50th.

The Battitude birthday gig at the Windmill was simply awesome.

Abdou have wrapped up the gig schedule for 2008 now, it has been a record year as far as number of gigs is concerned and we had a real ball playing in the UK, Oz and the US.

As you can see from the panel to your left, I have started to book Oz 2009, aready looking forward to that.

I wish you all a wonderful Crimbo and a terribly groovy New Year.

Big Love, Fruity xxx

I can't believe it's November already, this year has just shot by.

It has been a busy one for myself and the boys. We made our usual trip to Australia earlier this year, plus a short trip to the US in July and have been steadily touring the UK ever since.

The Carter shows have now been and gone so it's time to get back to work with Abdou. The year continues with a nice little mini-tour concluding with BATTITUDE at the Windmill Brixton, which will be a celebration of my 50th Birthday!.

I have also been busy on the song-writing front and have got about 15 new tunes that will eventually become the next Abdou album. In the meantime, last year's album is available in the online shop still. It's called CYCLE RIOT HISTORY GANG and you can buy it HERE

Cheers, Fruity xxx