Fundraiser - The Cast - Rehearsals


A new year is upon us. Things didn't go quite to plan last year. We did finally get back into the studio and re-recorded much of the album. There is still a lot more work to do including adding some vocals, brass and strings. I fully intend to get the album finished this year (yes, I know some of you have heard that before, but I really mean it this time).

Last Year's News!

After the huge success of the Fundraiser gig, we were really fired-up for recording the 'soundtrack' album. It took ages to get the cast all in one place and at a recording studio, so it wasn't until late 2004 until we started work at Earth Terminal studios. It was all going swimmingly and we had it all done apart from the Cello and horn section parts. Everything was sounding just amazing and we were all very happy with the way it was turning out. Due to there being no time free at the studio, we had a break of a few months before being able to return.

That was when I learnt that disaster had struck. The whole session had been accidentally erased by the engineer due to a missunderstanding of his notes. He thought that I had back-ups of the session, but I didn't and to make space on his drive the whole thing was erased, never to be recovered. To say we were gutted might be an understatement.

Fast forward to the present day...

I am now in the 'headspace' where I can once again think about the project and have listened to the demo songs, re-read the script and watched the rather dodgy video of the fundraiser gig. The musical is alive and well and sounds as great as ever. I actually shed a tear whilst listening to the demos.


with renewed enthusiasm and the past behind us, we are set once again to go back into the recording studio.

Older News


Musical Fundraiser Concert

This is going to be a special performance of the songs from the musical. provisionally titled "Tommi & Chris". The show will be feature guest vocalists, musicians and also a special guest narrator, the brilliant novelist and stand-up comedian ROBERT NEWMAN. It isn't gonna be just another gig at the B & G, we are gonna dress the place up and also suggest that attendees dress up a bit too.

The tickets are a bit pricey at £30 each, but for that you get a glass of champagne on entry, canapes (nibbles), a copy of the soundtrack album when it is completed and a guaranteed seat at the World premier . There will also be a specially printed programme with details of the story-line lyrics and participating musicians etc.

All funds will go towards the recording of the soundtrack album and the first production scheduled for sometime in 2004.

Tickets can also be bought by sending a cheque for £30 per ticket made out to Les Carter and sent to Fruity, 7 Mervan Rd, London, SW2 1DP

There will be no chance of getting in if you just turn up on the night without a ticket.
Cheers. fruity xxx

Doors - 19:30
Champagne / Nibbles / Entertainment
Performance - 20:50
Curfew - Midnight

*there may be ticket returns if people who have bought them subsequently can't come on the night. If you'd like to be considered for these tickets email me and I will contact you if spare tickets come up.

Singers And Musicians For The Fundraiser Concert


Bransby - William
Sally Huxtable- Tommi
Rich Crockford - Chris
J N Morrison - Old Geezer
Donna Dowling - WPC Walker
Foluke Edalere - Chorus
Sally Huxtable - Chorus

The Band

Ben Lambert - Drums
Richie Crockford - Guitar
Jason Bootle - Bass
Ian Burge - Cello
Alex Eckford- Piano
Steve Turner - Sax
Chalkie White - Trumpet

Special guest narrator Robert Newman will be telling the story of the musical in-between the songs.


14/1/04 - 9pm - Midnight
1st rehearsal. Just the core band. Jason, Ben, Alex, Richie, Les, with Tim observing. Ran through about half of the songs, working out arrangement and parts. Started off a bit wobbly, but it was really beginning to come together by the end of the evening.

For me it was very cool to hear some of the songs played live for the first time, up until this time they only existed in my head and on tape.

The second rehearsal is toimorrow, looking forward to more discovery.

15/1/04 - 9pm - Midnight
2nd rehearsal. Continued to work on the songs trying out some new ones tonight. Now things are really beginning to take shape. There's a lot of work to be done but we'll get there.

16/1/04 - 6pm - 11pm
Rehearsal three and we have now played through all of the songs quite a few times and everyone is feeling more confident. The band is doing a fantastic job, the songs are pretty hard to learn with lots of tricky bits. Bransby came by today to sing the songs that he will be singing next Friday. It was a bit fraught for a bit as he grappled with difficult tunes and timing, but he was definitely getting there towards the end.'s a week today and we are all getting very excited.