Wanted, a new copy of "You Fat Bastard" CD.

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Wanted, a new copy of "You Fat Bastard" CD.

Postby parkman » Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:16 pm

I am looking for a new copy of the above double cd, if at all possible, and I have posted this message under another heading as well.

Hi, I wonder whether there is any-one with a new copy of the double CD "You Fat Bastard". I had a copy which I bought new but recently it was pinched by some scrotebag. I really would appreciate it if any-one might know where I might just get one, or if any-one has a new unused copy. There are two used copies on Amazon and nothing on E-Bay, but perhaps some-one out there might just have one that they are willing to sell.
Many thanks in advance,
parkman :idea:
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