UK 2008

2008-07-31, Big Tent 26th & 27th July 2008

Abdou back at the Big Tent Festival for the third year running. We always have a great time at this festie and this year was even better than usual.

The journey up from London was on the train from hell, totally oversubscribed, dangerously overcrowded, hot, smelly. If you have seen film of trains in India you will have some idea of the conditions we suffered. In India though, you can open the windows, these carriages were hermetically sealed and the temperature levels were heightened by the lack of air-conditioning. When you add two huge parties of stag and hens, it added up to my least favourite journey of 2008 so far. We did get some comic relief when a bunch of hens came through our carriage singing 'There's A Monster In My Garden'. They had been tutored and sent to us by Ben who had lucked into a first class seat.

Anyway, enough of the crap journey, onto the excellent festie.

Last year there weather here was pretty awful, but this time we were greeted by lovely summery skies and a hot, hot sun.

We played two semi-acoustic sets, one on the saturday on the big stage and one on the sunday in the little tent. The abdou line-up this weekend was Richy on Bass, Bomber on Drums, Jon on Guitar, Ben on Keys and me on acoustic guitar. Can't remember the sets exactly but they included :-

I've Got A Secret
Benjamin & Jumble
Monster In My Garden
Will She Come?
Snoozy Girl
Really Really Sorry
Maria's Umbrella
Brenda, You Lost Your Temper

As you can see it was a fairly mellow set and went down really well with the locals and the abdou massive.

The other great attraction for 90's fans was the fabulous double appearance of Frank & Walters on both the big stage and the little tent. I thought it was the best I have seen the Franks were some time, they also went down a storm.

Other notable acts of great merit were Chipolatas, Sorren Maclean, B Raymond & The Voicettes, Kid Creosote & Friends.

Many thanks to the Big Tent organisation for a smooth-running real family festival. Even bigger thanks to Michele who put both Abdou and the Franks up in her house for the weekend. Cheers to Lachlan and Caitlin for giving up their bedroom to snoozy abdous.

I hope we get invited back next year.

Les x