UK 2009

2009-08-01, Paul & Nancy's Wedding Gig - Good Ship - Kilburn

Well it was a wedding weekend really. Friday was the proper 'do', with an unbelievably romantic ceremony, not a dry eye in the house.

I must confess, I do like a good wedding, and this one was brilliant, with a 40's/50's theme and between a couple who are totally head-over-heels in lurve.

After the wedding we all boarded an old red double decker Routemaster and went for a sneaky photo sesh in Regents Park (they don't allow that sort of thing in Royal parks, so we had to keep our eyes peeled for park wardens). Oh yes, we had champagne too.

Then it was back on the bus and over to Camden Stables Market were the bouquet was tossed by the bride and collected by one of the bridesmaids. The reception was in Gilgamesh (spell?) and was lovely. Free booze n food and some great speeches especially by best man Arran J Lovechild.

We left a bit early, but apparently it all went on until everyone fell over

The next day was wedding part two and a cosy invite only gig at Kilburn's Good Ship. We had Johnny Cola and The A Grades, Bridport Dagger, Rhesus (reformed especially for a knockout three songs), 18 Carat Love Affair (getting better every time I see them), Nancy Boys (featuring the groom Paul, Danny, Richy, James, Arran and myself playine one original, a Cure song and a Depeche Mode song), Abdou, Dave Fades (solo), The Fades (my fave band) and finally a rollicking set from Helmholtz Resonators

All in all, I would say that that was a great wedding and a lovely way to spend a weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped organise such a wonderful occasion and to the bride and groom Nancy and Paul who are just marvellous!

Les x