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St Georges Flag 03/03/18 Aylesbury Hop Pole
Thanks to Julia for fixing the Family Tree page, version 70 now up.

I have been very naughty and not updated this. I will try and do better

In other news, hopefully there will be a new line-up to be added to the family tree soon, Quite excited about it

The tour listing is working again. Yippee. Thanks Julia Z.

Just added Family Tree versions 67 and 68.

Happy New 2015. Lots of gigs already booked for this year.

Bit of a gap in the Abdou onslaught as I am concentrating on that Carter band for a bit. Back in action on Dec 6th DOGFEST

This weekend we are off to Something Else In The Dean. Sold out ages ago, this is our last festival of the season. Abdou play on Sunday. But before that, in the afternoon, we are the backing band for Ned The Kids Dylan

Just back from a glorious weekend in Worcester and Watchet Live in somerset. Everyone was fantastic and Abdou rocked (natch)

Well Cosmic Puffin and Something Else Somewhere Else were just splendid. Made loads of new friends and played some rocking' sets. Also lost my phone :)

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